Fake News Documentary

Saga Network's mini-doc segment on "fake news."

Across 4 Odin's

Odin's Procession is a huge part of the Valhalla experience. In 2013 Jon Owens, Valhalla teacher and ASB advisor,  had the idea to interview a group of incoming freshman before and after their first Odin's. He then spoke with this group each year on camera right up until their graduation.

The door

Alex Bobroff's The Door is a fast paced psychological thriller about a girl who sees a door that no one else can see.

Shaye's Rebellion

Shaye's love of the outdoors conflicts with her parents demands.

When Life Gives you lemons

Deanna Maayaa's comedy, When Life Gives You Lemons, is a whimsical tale of two competing lemonade vendors.

Silence on Main Street

Silence is not golden, it is terrifying. 


Here is a sampling of some of the movies that were made this year in the CTE Digital Media, TV & FILM program at Valhalla.